Non-governmental organisation partners

Green Key cooperates with other non-governmental and non-profit organisations which play an active role in protecting the environment and addressing social issues. We believe that sustainability in the tourism sector can only be achieved if experts from different areas and angles work hand in hand together by sharing their ideas and best practices. 


Cleantheworld logo.jpg

Clean the World is a non-profit organisation with its focus on a recycling and donation programme. Many hospitality establishments generate large volumes of solid waste, and Clean the World has therefore established a waste reduction programme with soap and bottled amenities (shampoo, shower gel, etc.) being recycled in order to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. Clean the World gives a second life to the recycled products received from hospitality partners through the programme aiming at donating the collected soap and other donated hygiene products to humanitarian organisations. Clean the World is committed to maintaining an environmentally and hygienically safe recycling process.


The EKOenergy label is a not-for-profit initiative of the EKOenergy Network, a group of 45  environmental organizations from 35countries.                                       It is the only international ecolabel for renewable energy. The label is                                             available all over the world and its material is available in more than 30                                         languages. EKOenergy started in 2013 in Europe and is now gradually                                           increasing its global reach.