The Park Inn by Radisson Blu Linz and its unusual guests

The Park Inn by Radisson Blu Linz invited some unusual guests to its hotel. Around 150,000 bees checked into the hotel's own beehives. Not only does this provide the hotel with delicious honey, but also contributes to the conservation of these highly useful animals. 

In cooperation with the organic beekeeper Werner Münzker, four beehives were set up on the hotel's terrace on the first floor. The bee colony is overseen by Mr. Münzker and the "Stadtgärten Linz", the city's urban garden service enterprise. Guests are informed about the project and related safety precautions through an information sheet in each room. However, the environmental manager of the hotel has ascertained that no guest or employee has been stung so far. Furthermore, the hotel offers an educational trail with guided tours to its guests. The honey that is produced is available at the breakfast buffet and can also be purchased in the hotel. 

Bees play a very important role both in agriculture and nature. A big share of our food production depends on the pollinating work of the bees. However, bees are in decline as they face many threats such as the loss of their natural habitats and the use of chemicals in agriculture. Initiatives such as the one of the Park Inn by Radisson Linz help the bees to survive even in highly developed urban environments.