Water calculation tool

If you are a hotel or other type of accommodation, you can calculate your water footprint using the water calculation tool below. The water calculation follows the “Hotel Water Measurement Initiative” (HWMI) tool developed by the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). 

To calculate the water footprint of your accommodation, please follow the following steps:


1. Gather information

In order for your accommodation to calculate the water footprint, you will need to have the following information ready: 

  • Total area of the accommodation (m2)

  • Total area of guest rooms and corridors (m2)

  • Total area of meeting facility space (m2)

  • Total area of private or outsourced space inside the accommodation (m2) or their sub-metered consumption (litres)

  • Total number of guest rooms

  • Total number of occupied rooms for the reporting year

  • Total water consumption from different water meters for the reporting year (litres)

  • If laundry is outsourced, the laundry tonnage for the reporting year (metric tonnes)

  • If irrigation is used, the weeks (w) and area of irrigation (m2) or amount of unmetered water used (litres)

  • Total number toilets in your accommodation using unmetered water


2. Calculate your water footprint

Please click the water footprint button to enter the data and calculate the water footprint of your establishment. 

The calculation will give you the following data: 

  • The total water usage for the reporting period (litres)

  • The water usage per occupied room on a daily basis (litres)

  • The water usage per area of meeting space on an hourly basis (litres).




HWMI tool developed by the International Tourism Partnership http://tourismpartnership.org

HWMI tool on Green Key’s website supported by the Radisson Hotel Group https://www.radissonhotelgroup.com