World Vegetarian Day at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti Helsinki in Finland

On 1 October 2015, Green Key awarded Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti celebrates World Vegetarian Day. Their Hotel Restaurant Sevilla offers a delicious lunch following the theme of the day and thus consisting of vegetarian dishes only. 


The restaurant is busy every lunchtime attracting customers from both the hotel and the surrounding neighbourhood. On World Vegetarian Day all customers will join the theme day celebration and enjoy a mouth watering lunch menu with seasonal vegetables. The menu includes dishes like cold smoked tofu, chipotle-sweet potato soup and picadillo sin carne with roasted eggplants. For a salad you can choose for example Manchego cheese or tofu. Additionally, a 100% vegan menu is available. So no meat dishes at all.

In general the restaurant uses various seasonal products all year round as part of their Environmental Action Plan. Today the dishes will include seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower and eggplant.

The Vegetarian Day Lunch is a great example how a delicious and versatile lunch is created using vegetables only. Additionally it is healthy and good for the environment. Way to go Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti!