Starwood issues its sustainable seafood position statement

Starwood, Green Key's international hotel chain partner, has produced a statement on how the chain will use sustainably sourced seafood

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The values of Starwood guides their sources of seafood. The hotel chain uses the "triple bottom line" of environmental, financial and social concerns with the best available science to form thier decisions. Starwood then empowers its associates to put plans into action while maintaining the high level of guest experience for which they are known.

Starwood is committed to supporting its Communities - from the local communities around their properties to the global ecological ecological community supporting everyone.

In sourcing seafood, Starwood will address the following throughout the different regions in which they operate:

Wild-caught seafood

  • Stock status of the target species
  • Fisheries management
  • Bycatch of target and non-target species, including protected, endangered, or threatened species

Farmed seafood

  • Resources used, including nursery/seed stocks
  • Wastes released from the farm
  • Health management of the farmed fish

Wild-caught and farmed seafood

  • Broader ecosystem impacts (i.e. damage from fishing gear used in wild fisheries, impacts to wild populations from farms)
  • Efficient use of resources (i.e. energy intensity of wild fishery distribution networks, feed conversion ratios of farmed seafood)

Starwood has set goals to gudie and track the progress in the long-term and the hotel chain is developing ways to measure the progress towards those goals in the short-term.

Starwood acknowledges that achieving these goals is a continuous endeavor, but are committed to collaborating with their suppliers, partners, and others in their seafood supply chain to advance the efforts.