Park Inn by Radisson Vilnius Hotel – An investment that paid off

The Green Key awarded Park Inn by Radisson Vilnius Hotel recently invested in new water softening equipment as part of their Environmental Action Plan. An investment that soon turned out to be one that pays. 

The staff of Park Inn by Radisson Vilnius hotel noticed that the consumption of water had been increasing, water quality was getting worse and the amount of salts used for water softening had been increasing as well. To find out what was causing this, a technical audit of water filters was carried out. The audit showed that the filters are old, broken-down and practically do not perform their functions.  It was decided to invest and renew water softening and cleaning equipment.

During August the equipment of water softening was fully renewed, an investment of around 8000 euro. The work included the replacement of two mechanical filters, the aggregate of softening filter, the valves of electronic control and filter gravel. After these changes the water quality improved significantly, the amount of salts for water filtering declined, and a lot less cleaning products is needed for the removal of sediments in such different devices as shower heads, coffee machines and baking ovens.