has high expectations for 2015

Lonneke de Kort, Director Business Development and Sales at states that 2015 could be the tipping point for eco-tourism around the world. Her statement is supported by the Hospitality 2015 report issued by Deloitte.

In this report a team of experts of Deloitte analysed the Hospitality Industry with a special interest in the sustainable development of this sector towards 2020. Consumers are increasingly environmentally aware, and this will present great challenges for the industry. The year 2015 will be the tipping point on regulatory, economic and stakeholder level. It will begin to shape new expectations for both leisure and business consumers.  

This means that (business) travellers expect the sector to take their responsibility and integrate going green in their mission. The good news is that this is backed up with a growing number of consumers that are willing to take their responsibility too. Not necessarily by paying a premium for green hotels but by choosing a sustainable alternative when values-plus-value is offered.

And that is great news! 2015 promises to be a year with great opportunities ahead of us. BookDifferent will continue developing the platform that makes it easy for consumers to travel green and social. A great thanks goes out to Green Key and all her members who do the real work!