Organic Fest held in the Maison Blanche Hotel, Ukraine

On 16 July 2016 the Maison Blanche Hotel in Ukraine hostet the "Organic Fest", a day full of activities related to healthy lifestyle and well-being.



Symbolic of its dedication to detail and commitment to Green Key,  the  hotel Maison Blanche offers activities to their guests and staff that exemplify how a healthier and more sustainable life can be lead.   

Among other things, the hotel organises visits to organic farms and to enterprises that manufacture organic products as well as offering classes about well-being and how to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. This summer, the establishment hosted a whole day of events dedicated to health and well-being. The day started with yoga classes, followed by a pottery class, a healthy cocktail class and a tasting of organic products.  Furthermore, the hotel offered lectures on healthy diet, organic products and ecological management.  After lunch a discussion about the necessity of biodiversity conservation was held. The day was rounded off with the screening of the movie "Seeds of Time".

If you would like to learn more about the hotel, you can visit their website here