Successful year for Green Key's carbon and water measurement tools

In 2016 Green Key launched two new tools for measuring the carbon emission and water consumption of tourism accommodation. The tools were well received by the hotel industry as the statistics for 2016 show. 


The first tool which was launched in March this year was the carbon calculation tool which calculates the total CO2 consumption, the carbon footprint per occupied room on a daily basis and the carbon footprint per area of meeting space on an hourly basis.

In November, the water calculation tool was also published on Green Key's website. Similar to the carbon footprint tool, the water footprint tool calculates the resource use for the total reporting period, per occupied room on a daily basis, and per meeting space on an hourly basis.

In total, the tools on the Green Key website were used over 500 times in 25 countries all over the world. 

The aim of the tools is to help tourism accommodation to get an overview of their CO2 emission and water consumption, and to give them a standardised method for monitoring the changes in the subsequent years. The carbon and water calculations follow the “Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative” (HMCI) tool and the "Hotel Water Measurement Initiative" (HWMI) tool developed by the International Tourism Partnership.

The HCMI tool and the HWMI tool on Green Key's website have been kindly supported by Lucart Group and Carlson Rezidor Group.