Zaton Holiday Resort in Croatia involves guests in their sustainable actions

Zaton Holiday Resort in Croatia has been a Green Key awarded hotel for less than two years and already has a very impressive list of educational projects to raise environmental awareness among their guests. One of these initiatives got awarded with a 3rd place in the Green Key Best Practice competition. 

One of their actions focused on raising awareness about energy saving. Zaton Holiday Resort organised a one-day program called " ZATON ECO ElectriCoFEE. They invited guests to win free coffee by providing electricity to produce the coffee. On the promenade "Kalelarga" in front of the coffee bar, they set up a stationary bike which was connected to a dynamo. The dynamo was directly connected to the coffee machine. Pedaling on a bicycle provided electricity until the coffee was cooked. Each of the participants was able to leave his views on the project in the book of impressions separately prepared for this opportunity. During the evening activities guests were able to see pictures and videos about the activity.

 In connection with the Best Practice Competition which focused on Water, Zaton Holiday Resort organised a one-day action called "ECO ACCOUNT 2015" with the motto "WATER IS NOT FREE, LET'S THINK ABOUT FEE".

Many of us don’t want to listen when it comes to water saving. That's why staff from Zaton Holiday Resort decided to do something drastic. During the day in the beach bar they brought to guests an additional bill for the glass of tap water. The price was under 2€ per deciliter. Guests were surprised, unhappy and ready to protest. They noticed that tap water has a price, but staff immediately made it clear that this is an awareness raising campaign for water saving. Results from the action were presented to the guests at the beginning of the evening programme.

As an educational programme Green Key highly commends action which involve environmental education.