Sustainability is good business

The Green Key awarded conference center, Bella Center Copenhagen, strive to ensure sustainability at all times and in every aspect of the business. Their approach is called “Responsible Hospitality”.

For Bella Center Copenhagen, hospitality is more than providing the best possible service and delivering the highest possible quality to guests and customers, it is about taking responsibility for the relationships with others, for the impacts of the business on society and the environment and proactively contributing to positive change wherever possible. All of this makes their Responsible Hospitality a competitive advantage, while also contributing to the formation of common values for everyone involved.

Their Responsible Hospitality policy include support to the UN Global Compact principles; promote and strengthen sustainable development in own business practice and value chain; provide a healthy and safe environment for staff, guests and business partners; protect the natural resources; and ensure that suppliers meet the standards set out in ethical code of conduct for suppliers.

The Environment and Climate Policy of Bella Center Copenhagen include implementation of environmentally friendly solutions; efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources; incorporate environmental considerations, including biodiversity and animal welfare, into their actions and procurement decisions; raise awareness of environmental matters among employees and stakeholders and optimize waste reduction through recycling and limiting use of hazardous materials.

The full information about the Responsible Hospitality approach of Bella Center Copenhagen can be read here.

Bella Center Copenhagen received the first Green Key Award ahead of hosting the climate conference, COP15, in 2009.