SGS - A sustainability leader

SGS, the biggest auditing company in world, not only offers businesses sustainable solutions and services, they also have a very impressive sustainability management system in place.

SGS offers a range of sustainability services to their clients. This goes from performance assessment to testing, certification and training. Since December 2014, SGS also performs Green Key audits and actively promotes the Green Key programme among their clients.

But besides delivering services that promote sustainable development, SGS manages their own sustainability performance through a global management system and they develop sustainability programmes which inspire a wide range of initiatives across their affiliates that are supported by their sustainability management system.

Some accomplishments of the past year were:  Industry Leader, Gold Class sustainability award 2016 for its excellent sustainability performance, ISO 26000 and ISO 14064-3 certification and Carbon disclosure project award.

And SGS has a lot of ambition to improve their performance even more. By 2020 SGS aims to

-          Reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 20%

-          Maintain a natural turnover rate of no more than 10%

-          30% of leadership positions will be held by women

-          Reduce TRIR (Total Recordable Incidence Rate) and LTIR (Lost Time Incident Rate) by                    50%

-          Increase investment in communities around the world by 30%

-          Link the management incentive plan to sustainability

-          Deliver measurable sustainable value to society

Green Key highly commends the sustainability efforts of SGS and hopes to continue the successful cooperation for many years to come.