5 year celebration and award ceremony for Green Key Ukraine

On 30 March 2015, Ekologitschna Initsiativa, celebrated 5 years of Green Key in Ukraine. For the first time the Vice-Head of Kyiv Municipal Tourism Dept. attended the ceremony. Even in these difficult times there was a good atmosphere and a positive glance at the future.

During the ceremony the Green Key programme as well as the Blue Flag programme were discussed. There was an interesting discussion about a cooperation with companies producing LED lights and drones for the army. Minds were put together on how to use these products to make the tourism industry in Ukraine more sustainable. Military drones, for example, carry thermo-sensors (as well as many others types of sensors). So they have huge spectrum of applications – for example imaging thermal leaks from buildings. Hotels were very happy to see how this technology works and a first cooperation with one of the hotels was discussed to be launched.

At the ceremony Green Key certificates were granted to the Radisson-Kyiv and 3 Maison-Blanche eco-hotels as the traditional leaders.

The event was fully financed by Baccara Art hotel, another Green Key site in Ukraine.