First Hotel Copenhagen prepares to host 40 Green Key experts

Exciting times at First Hotel Copenhagen as they will host 40 Green Key National Operators during the annual Green Key Meeting from 11-13 April 2016. A great opportunity for the hotel to show the amazing work they have been doing the last couple of years to become more sustainable. 

First Hotel Copenhagen was first awarded with Green Key 1 July 2013 when all the hotels of the First Hotel chain joined the Green Key programme. Since then they have been working very hard to make their ways of working and overall management more sustainable.

A few actions to highlight.

-          All rooms have a key card system that switches the electricity in the rooms on and off.

-          Water flow in showers has been reduced to only 6l/min and 4l/min in all taps.

-          All lights have been replaced by LED or alternative energy-saving light bulbs.

-          All toilets have a dual flush system to save water.

-          A water cleaning system has been installed in the parking area to drain and clean all the             rain water instead of leading it to the sewage system.

-          A new energy-saving dishwasher was purchased with special trays to let soap and water             run off.

-          Organic products are widely used in the restaurant of the hotel.

-          A waste plan has been put in place to optimize the waste separation and reuse

-          All taps in public toilets have sensors.

-          Electricity is put into the tap water to reduce the amount of calcium in the water.  This              way pipes and electric installations don’t have to be cleaned or replaced that often.

A great list of achievements which will most certainly impress the 40 Green Key experts who will be staying in the hotel.