Green Key for restaurants is launched on the Åland Islands, Finland

From this autumn and the years to come both Alanders and visitors might have the opportunity to eat at a Green Key restaurant. The programme will officially be launched in September, but four restaurants and cafés have already begun thier work towards Green Key. One of them is Pub Stallhagen.

Participation and vicinity key words when Pub Stallhagen works towards Green Key

In Godby, Åland, you will find is the award winning restaurant Pub Stallhagen. Since 2010 the restaurant is run by Christian Ekström and Johanna Dahlgren. Over the years the restaurantears has been recognized both for the hospitality and the food. Among the prizes is the awards of ”Year's most positive Ålanders” and ”Local food ambassadour of the year”.

"Our food philosophy is that everyone have the right to clean and honest food. We work closely with producers, given both the geographical distance and communication. Working closely for me involves both locally produced ingredients and that you can easily reach each other to talk, "says Johanna.

Promotion of the local community and respect for the environment is a given part of Pub Stallhagens business. Now the restaurant also has chosen to start working towards the Green Key certification. "For us it is an obvious choice. We wanted to work with a tool where we can develop on the basis of the company's potential. The Green Key criteria states what to do, but how you do it is up to your own business," says Christian.

A sustainable business

That Johanna and Christian both are standing strong in thier belives and have confidence in their own business is clearly evident. Christian is convinced that a long-term work with sustainability benefits Åland as a whole: "The destination Åland would be even better if everyone gather under one sustainable roof, where everyone is aware of how we want to be perceived as a destination".

"Working with sustainable development could mean trials, so you have to be a little stubborn. We are mostly driven by curiosity and the desire to create. Like yesterday, I tried to pickle seaweed. I dont know yet what the final result will be, but I get the final results later, "says Johanna.

Participation, seasons and quality

Community involvement is something Johanna and Christian raised several times in the discussions. That this is something very important for the couple is evident. When Pub Stallhagen now is going to do an environmental policy in connection with the work with Green Key, this is not something that restaurateurs want to do on their own. All of the staff will be involved in the creation to find the specifics describing Pub Stallhagens sustainability work and commitments. But that the Åland season will have a part of the policy can be predicted. "We work with seasons. I think you have to miss foods in order to appreciate them. The spring season has just begun, and this week we've got three new local food that we can use; New potatoes, chives and pea sprouts, "says Johanna.

Karin Rosenberg, project manager for Green Key Åland, is very happy that Pub Stallhagen has begun its work with the Green Key: "I often highlight that Green Key is not only an environmental label, but also a proof of quality and sound business practices. This has been obvious in the past, both for those who are labeled with Green Key and those working towards the label on Åland. Pub Stallhagen participation in the program now further strengthens the possibilities to show the correlation between environmental considerations and quality."