Chemical-Free Pool Cleaning at Camping 45 in Sweden

The Campground “Camping 45” in Torsby, Sweden uses the latest water treatment technology to clean its pool without additional chemicals. 

The water purification encompasses four steps and doesn’t need additional chemicals, except 3 kg of salt per cubic meter. In the first step, a coarse filter removes larger particles such as leaves and hairs. In the second step, the water is filtered through a sand filter that removes smaller particles, oils and bacteria. After that, UV light is used to clean the water from bacteria and to prevent algae growth. In the last step, an electrolytic cell produces a small dose of chlorine from the salt which is dissolved in the water. Any excessive chlorine or sodium turns into salt again.

Furthermore, the pool is heated by a sun foil that covers the pool at night and when it is not in use. In winter, a protective screen made of galvanised steel covers the pool and shields it from debris and snow which means that the water can remain in the basin throughout the winter. In this way, it is not necessary to refill the pool in springtime.