Green Key awarded to first two establishments in Mauritius

The two luxury five star hotels, Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort and Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort are the first two establishments in Mauritius having achieved the prestigious Green Key award.

Green Key is happy to announce the first two hotels in Mauritius that have been awarded the Green Key label. Both Heritage Resorts hotels have demonstrated its extensive work with sustainability in connection with the reporting during the application phase and at the onsite audits.

Both hotels have worked intensively with their environmental management, for instance through having LED light bulbs everywhere in the hotels to save energy, and taps and showers with reduced flow to lower the water consumption.

The two hotels have also ensured that the staff is well informed and trained in environmental and sustainability matters through regular meetings on Green Key. The guests staying at two hotels are not only informed about the environmental work at the hotels but are also offered to participate in activities such as Earth Hour, nature guided bicycle tours and tree planting events. Heritage Resorts even reach out to local schools and the surrounding community by supporting local environmental activities in relation to reef conservation and sea biodiversity.

Green Key would like to congratulate Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort and Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort with the excellent environmental and sustainability standards. Green Key is now having establishments in 54 countries worldwide.