75 Posadas hotels awarded with Green Key in Mexico

The number of Green Key awarded establishments in Mexico got an increase of 75 Hotels when Grupo Posadas reached their goals for environmental practices. 

Award ceremony of Grupo Posadas

The 75 Posadas hotels represent the brands Live Aqua, Grand Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Americana, The Explorean by Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, One and Gamma. 

After an extensive evaluation covering the 13 Green Key criteria categories, such as environmental management, staff involvement, social responsibility and environmental activities, the hotels could reach the goal of gaining the Green Key award. This was achieved thanks to the sustainable initiatives, structural renovations in some of the hotels and the innovating practices and services of the hotels. The coordinated efforts of Green Key Mexico and Posadas in regard to maintenance and the accomplishment of the regulations, means that Posadas now complies with high standards in the field of sustainable tourism.

The establishments in Mexico that apply for a Green Key are awarded by a National Steering Committee with representatives from the Tourism Ministry, Energy Ministry, Environmental Ministry and The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit international organization with conservation of biodiversity and the environment as their goal. 

During the awards ceremony that took place at the Fiesta Americana Parque Toreo hotel, Enrique Calderón, Vice President of Hotel Operations at Grupo Posadas, commented: "A few months ago, we received with pride and satisfaction the Green Key certification for 3 of our hotels. Today, we are even more proud to receive this same certification, but for 75 properties; this is no more than a reflection of our goal to operate attractive, functional and environmentally friendly hotels."

Pablo Azcárraga, CEO of Grupo Posadas, said: This is without a doubt the goal of a great effort, we must keep on working. We have to be an example for Mexico and an example on the international level of sustainability within tourism."

Prominent individuals present at the award ceremony included Enrique de la Madrid, Secretary of Tourism, Mariana Boy Tamborrell, General Manager of Urban Development of Tourism, José Salvador Sánchez Estrada, Undersecretary of Quality and Regulation of the Ministry of Tourism, and Joaquín Arturo Díaz Ríos, CEO of The Foundation for Environmental Education Mexico.

The awarding of the 75 Posadas hotels is a great success for Mexico and the whole Green Key programme. Mexico is now in the top 10 of countries with the most Green Key awarded establishments. 

Posadas is the largest Mexican hotel chain, with 158 hotels and more than 25,000 rooms in Mexico.