HUMAN = EARTH – Klaus K Hotel´s environmental work resembles their essence

In the lobby of Green Key awarded Klaus K Hotel you can feel impressed – and look a bit funny, as a magnificent 3D photo exhibition takes you to journey into Finnish nature. The exhibition portrays humans as inseparable parts of nature and earth. Let´s put on some 3D classes.


Design hotel Klaus K lies in the heart of capital of Finland, Helsinki. HUMAN = EARTH artworks picture Finnish nature: swamps, rocks, rain and woods. They lure to touch the branches and dive into cold water, to take you from the hotel lobby to the forest. You can almost feel the rain drops on your cheeks.

“Nature has been proved to help to recover from stress, forget the things that worry your mind and uplift your spirits. We chose to present artworks of nature because we want to remind our customers to spend time in the nature,” Klaus K´s hotel and marketing manager Tero Thynell says.

Kämp Collection Hotels', part of which Klaus K is, environmental policy focuses on a dream of a greener world - Green Dream. Green Dream is a practice which aims to enhance environmental awareness and set targets through everyday activities. All the Kämp Collection Hotels have been Green Key certified to have support on their journey towards the Green Dream.

As Klaus K has a strong brand as a design hotel that showcases Finnish design and art, artworks of nature is a natural way to resemble their Green Dream.

The artworks of the exhibition were created in collaboration by TVPR Creative design agency and WWOOLLFF CO. clothing brand. More info on Klaus K website.