Orbital Systems and Green Key enter a collaboration agreement

With Orbital Systems being a producer of innovative water saving solutions for showers and other water using devices, and Green Key has water saving as central component in its criteria, both entities are very excited about the new partnership.

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Orbital Systems is the global leader in domestic water savings, distributing water recirculating systems that filter mineral and biological impurities out of lightly-used water to dramatically cut energy and water consumption.

Orbital Systems has implemented its own developed and patented real-time water recycling technology in the company’s first product, the shower. In the shower, the water from the drain is collected, purified and looped back to be re-used, enabling radical water- and energy savings; up to 90% of the water and 80% of the heating energy is saved, compared to conventional showers.

Orbital Systems’ vision is to create a new paradigm in daily water usage with the goal to solve the number one global risk to our current home planet being lacking access to fresh water.

Inspired by a design project at NASA focused on Mars Missions in collaboration with Lund’s University, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi founded Orbital Systems with this vision in mind; to change the way we see and use water in our daily lives and by default decrease the excessive waste today’s consumption generates, ensuring long-term access to fresh water on earth.

Henrik Ehlers, European Sales Director from Orbital Systems, says: ”Orbital Systems’ showers are a natural fit with Green Key goals. Our technology only needs a few litres, compared to the many litres wasted in regular showers. And it’s perfect for hotels, gyms, swimming pools and the like because those few litres are delivered at a steady flow, pressure and temperature—a high-comfort shower guests can enjoy as long as they like without all the environmental and financial costs of a legacy shower. We’re excited about this partnership, and look forward to working with Green Key on improving the environmental footprint of the world’s hotels.”

Finn Bolding Thomsen, International Green Key Director, adds: “I am really impressed with the new innovative techniques developed by Orbital Systems allowing a significant recycling of water in the showers. Orbital Systems’ shower systems lead to a clear reduction in the use of water and energy which fits very well with the requirements in the Green Key criteria.”

For more information about Orbital Systems, please visit https://www.orbital-systems.com.