Landal Bad Kleinkirchheim bringing old traditions back to life

During their stay in the Green Key certified Landal Park Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria, guests get an insight into the local farming traditions from the old days. 

The Landal Bad Kleinkirchheim is located in Carinthia in the eastern Alps, surrounded by green mountain slopes and clear alpine lakes. Before becoming a popular tourism destination, the area was dominated by agriculture and farming. To keep the old traditions of the local farmers alive, Landal Bad Kleinkirchheim decided to exhibit some of their original appliances and tools in their park. And not only this: some of the old tools are actually brought into action. To cut the grass on the slopes and in the garden, the park uses an antique hand scythe. The cut grass is dried on traditional hay racks called "Schwedenreiter". Guests can witness these practices from their terraces or balconies and read more about it on the wooden information board all over the park.

"These old tools and appliances often anstonish our guests, as - especially children-  have never heard about them before" says, Lisa Makoru, employee of Landal Bad Kleinkirchheim.