Small accommodations with a big heart for sustainability

Maison Blanche is a chain of three small boutique hotels in Ukraine where the “look and feel” signals the commitment to sustainability


 Maison Blanche has three small hotels, one in central Kiyv and two in the outskirts of the capital of Ukraine. All three hotels are Green Key awarded.

All three hotels have individual rooms that all differ from one another in size and decoration, but their common feature is the wooden appearance. The beds and most furniture are wooden and locally produced.

There is a strong commitment to saving of water, energy, waste and resources in all three hotels. They have a standard policy of when to change towels and sheets (unless the guests ask for it to be done more often). The cleaning in the hotels is done using products without any harmful substances. The two hotels with restaurants (Berezovka and Mynitsa) are serving meals with organic and locally sourced products. Maison Blanche Mynitsa has beautiful nature surrounding the hotel. Maison Blanche Berezovka has two bicycles so that the guests have an opportunity to bike in the nearby forest.

The hotels are all active in communicating and encouraging its guests to support the environmental efforts of the hotels, both in the rooms, kitchen, public areas, etc.

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