Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona motivates employees to focus on waste segregation

The Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona (Spain) has been Green Key awarded since 2013. The hotel participates in the Hilton training program for employees, called Thrive Hilton, as well as encouraging staff members to attend workshops about it’s sustainable initiatives.


The Thrive Hilton program was created to focus on all team members well-being, from the Front Desk to the back-of-house, by enabling them to develop in every area of the business.

During the Earth Week in March 2018, a workshop on Recycling in Stewarding was organised at the Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.

In order to motivate housekeepers to participate in this workshop, the following message was sent out before hand: “Recycling is a process whose objective is to convert waste into new products or material for later use. Thanks to recycling, the disuse of potentially useful materials is prevented, the consumption of new raw materials is reduced, as well as reducing the use of energy and air pollution.”

One member of staff, Milagros, showed fellow co-workers the correct ways for waste segregation and designed great materials for the workshop.