Green Key video explaining application process now online

Green Key International is in the process of making a video series explaining the programme, its criteria and the application process. The second video, on the Green Key Application Process, is now available online!


With the video series, we aim to present our programme and our criteria in a more approachable visual format. This first video, which came out in December 2017, provided an overview of Green Key and its different components. You are more than welcome to check it out here.

In our new video the intention is to explain the four steps of the application process in a way that is easy to understand for establishments interested in applying for the Green Key. The steps, namely the Application, Audit, and Decision leading to the Award are described visually and through audio recording.  

Stay tuned for our coming video in which we are going to explain the Green Key criteria in more detail.

Do you have an idea for a Green Key video or have questions about the existing videos? Let us know by contacting us at the Head Office