Sinatur Gl. Avernæs offers its customers a sustainable, gastronomic delight

Green Key awarded Sinatur Gl. Avernæs Hotel offers an idyllic and sustainable dining experience with carefully chosen local and organic ingredients.

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The Sinatur Gl. Avernæs hotel is located on a picturesque peninsula in the island of Fyn in Denmark. Surrounded by nature as well as the beach and the ocean, the restaurant at the hotel has the ideal point of departure and such an idyllic scenery deserves an extraordinary culinary experience.

Focusing on production and organic ingredients
Head Chef Martin Riber and the rest of the kitchen staff are highly focused on the ingredients they use which preferably are organic, local and seasonal. The restaurant has recently installed a green house as well as a raised garden bed where the kitchen staff is able to produce their own herbs and vegetables. The restaurant has also established their own fruit orchard so that the hotel guests in the future are able to enjoy their in- house produced fruits and pickled products.

 The Sinatur hotels were the first hotel chain to receive the organic cuisine label in bronze, which means that 30 - 60 % of their ingredients are organic. The Sinatur hotels were also the first hotel chain to receive the Green Key certification.

Source: Green Key Denmark