Join us in the celebration of the World Vegetarian Day

1 October is World Vegetarian Day and Green Key establishments offer vegetarian options as well as organic, eco-labelled and/or locally produced food and beverage.

World Vegetarian Day.JPG

Vegetarian food is healthy, tasty and climate friendly. It is a criterion in Green Key that awarded establishments have a vegetarian option on their menu, as well as serving plenty of organic, eco-labelled and/or locally produced goods.

Vegetarian food is a climate friendly choice. A new study published in the journal Science details the largest-ever analysis of the impact that food production has on the planet. The study concluded that ditching or reducing animal products in the diet and in commodities is the single most effective way to reduce one’s environmental impact.

Did you also you know that the different colours of vegetables mean different health and nutrition benefits? Therefore you should eat a rainbow of colours every day, not just today!