Comwell Hotel Group: Environmental awareness generates commitment and retains employees

The Comwell Hotel Group, having a range of Green Key awarded hotels in Denmark, is experiencing greater commitment and loyalty among its employees as they have begun to work purposefully to transform their hotels into a greener and more sustainable hotel operation.


The Comwell Hotel Group began its green journey with Green Key in 2009. In the past two years, the hotel chain has strengthened the green transition, especially within the food area and staff efforts. The journey has resulted in more positive effects than predicted before the start.

The management has been surprised to see that the work with the green transition had a great effect on the employees’ job satisfaction and involvement in the company. Without having specified this as a motivation, Comwell might have found an important key to retaining employees; something that the entire industry might benefit from, and yet another important and strong argument for starting the green transition.

“When we receive job applications from potential employees, one of the arguments, for their wish to work with us, is our green profile. In our job satisfaction survey, the engagement score has also increased. Finally, the employees are very positive about recommending us as an Employer” says Mai-Britt Jensen about one very important side bonus to their green transition.