Half of all hotel rooms in Aalborg (Denmark) are eco-labelled

With the Green Key being award to Kompas Hotel in Aalborg from 2019, 50% of all hotel rooms in Aalborg are now eco-labelled


Kompas Aalborg Hotel joins the number of green hotels in the city of Aalborg (Denmark’s fourth largest city). The former sailors’ home has just been restored, and environmentally improved with a new reception area and an expansion of the number of rooms to 111.  

 The hotel joins a number of other Green Key hotels in the city, such as neighboring First Hotel AalborgComwells Hvide Hus Aalborg, which was completely restored when it was acquired, and Radisson Limfjorden which has also has been through a larger environmental upgrading.

 The four Green Key hotels have in total 651 rooms, and together with the two Nordic Swan labelled Scandic hotels in town, there are 819 eco-labelled rooms in Aalborg, equivalent to 51% of the rooms in town, or 1/3 of the hotels.