French Radisson Blu Hotel turns food waste into organic fertiliser

The Green Key awarded Radisson Blu, Paris, Marne la Vallée, located in the outskirts of Paris, has purchased a new machine to convert its organic waste to fertiliser.


Like most hotels, the Radisson Blu, Paris, Marne la Vallée has to deal with the issue of food waste. Besides using other smart methods to reduce the food waste, the hotel has purchased a machine that extracts water of the organic waste and turns the remains into powder that can be used as fertiliser. The hotel is also installing a water retention tank to recuperate the approximately 80 litres extracted from the food waste per load.  The system will allow the hotel to wash their docking bay and fill their cleaning machines.

Melyssa Cassin, Responsible Business Coordinator at Radisson Blu, Paris, Marne la Vallée says: “We are very focused on lowering our environmental footprint at our hotel in various ways, and we are very proud of having the machine that converts bio-waste into organic fertiliser. By converting the 100 kg of bio-waste created at the hotel daily, we avoid transportation of the organic waste, collected now only once a month and in a few weeks we’ll also be reusing the water from the machine, really zero waste.”


The hotel is also working on lowering its environmental footprint in many other ways, and the hotel has focus on the social aspect of sustainability. To support job opportunities for persons with challenges, the hotel hires a company that employs people with disabilities to be in charge of the management of the green areas of the hotel.