Solar Hotel - a green, affordable and activist hotel

Solar Hotel is a two-star budget hotel in Paris (France) with full focus on being sustainable and inclusive


Since 2009, Solar Hotel has assessed its carbon footprint and worked towards obtaining a green certification. The hotel is a member of the ATD network (French activists for sustainable tourism) and has earned numerous awards for its environmental and social practices.

The many sustainability activities of Solar Hotel include:

  • Hallways, lounges and rooms are all exclusively lit by LED or fluorescent compact bulbs

  • Purchase of 100% renewable energy

  • Collection of rainwater to water plants, the garden and to wash the sidewalk

  • No unnecessary individual packaging for the breakfast and in the bathrooms

  • Eco-labelled soap and shampoo are available in dispensers

  • The breakfast served is 100% organic and with 90% of the products produced in France

  • Food leftovers from breakfast is reused in the mechanical composter in the garden

  • The second-hand furniture in the guest rooms is regularly renovated and repaired

  • Bicycles are available to hotel guests

  • Hotel management students regularly visit the hotel to increase awareness of environmental issues

  • The hotel supports and promotes environmental NGOs, e.g. by hosting and organising meetings and conferences

Franck Laval, owner of Solar Hotel says:

“We have for several reasons, chosen to be the first green, affordable and activist hotel: Firstly, to prove that ecology means investing, not spending; secondly, to prove that sustainable development is not exclusively reserved to those who have access to extensive information; and thirdly, to spread the word to thousands of independent hotel managers”.