Morena Resort promotes alternatives to single-use plastic bottles

This summer, a water refill station has been introduced on Morena Resort, Curacao. An initiative to say goodbye to your no re-usable plastic bottles!

Morena Resort´s Water Refill Program is aligned with Morena´s desire to be recognized as an eco-resort. Indeed, this Green Key awarded establishment has been built with environmentally sustainable materials from regional fair-trade cooperatives and uses low environmental impact techniques such as solar water heater on its roofs. This new element available for the tourists is a reusable bottle called D-TAP. It has been introduced by D-Bottle, a brand promoting steel reusable bottles to reduce single-use of plastic.

Moreover, the guests have the possibility the (re)fill it at the Resort´s D-TAP water refill station or the others Curacao´s ones. A D-TAP phone App permits to find nearby Refill location. With Google maps, you can easily find clean water everywhere you go! Guests don´t have any excuses for not getting rid of their single-use plastic bottle.


Since 1,4 million tourists visit Curacao each year, having a refill station could be a great way to raise awareness about the single-use plastic´s dangers for the planet. For that, guests can purchase a special D-Bottle at the Resort´s reception, knowing that 5% of each D-TAP bottle bought will be donated to the Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao.

Over 1 million plastic bottle are purchased every minute worldwide and nearly 80% of these end up in our landfills and oceans. At this rate, the amount of single-use plastic ending up in our oceans will outweigh fish by 2050, unless we make a change. - D-Bottle website