New global Responsible Business training programme for Radisson Hotel Group

Since the launch of its first environmental policy in 1989, Green Key partner Radisson Hotel Group never stopped paying attention to its commitment to sustainable development

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Known as “Living and Leading Responsible Business”, the new Responsible Business training programme is set to be rolled out worldwide over the next 16 months. First launched in 2001, the existing Responsible Business training programme has been revamped by a global and cross-departmental team as part of a five-year strategic plan.

The new global Responsible Business training programme provides team members in the near 100 countries where the group operates with the tools they need to drive standards and best practices. Training pilots have been completed to identify how the programme can help driving Responsible Business in every hotel and corporate offices. Moreover, all the participants have the opportunity to know how to put it into practice since the programme is available in 21 languages. Radisson Hotel Group aims to have trained its 1 100+ hotels in operation by the end of 2020.

Our responsibility for People, Community and Planet is borderless, so global alignment on our Responsible Business program is a key driver for Radisson Hotel Group. The new Responsible Business training program aims to engage and align all our team members – helping them to have a stronger impact on our group targets, as well as global efforts to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.” - Sven Wiltink, Director Responsible Business EMEA and Training Project Lead

This new strategy consists of two pillars: Living Responsible Business and Leading Responsible Business. On the one hand, all hotel team members are invited to follow classroom training. The latter deals with ethics, diversity, inclusion, community support, footprint reduction and sorting waste. More sensitive topics can also be evocated such as sex trafficking and forced labour. On the other hand, an e-learning tool permits group and hotel leaders to discover how Responsible Business can be integrated into all company departments. This part of the programme deals with footprint reduction, youth employability, responsible recruitment and sourcing, such as human rights.

This new Responsible Business training programme is such an inspiring strategy for hospitality establishments which want to be part of a more responsible and sustainable industry.