Sheraton Zürich Hotel offers a green table to their guests

On 26 November 2015, the Sheraton Zürich Hotel became the first Starwood hotel to be awarded the Green Key in Switzerland.  Although only joined the Green Key programme so recently, they already have some very impressive sustainable actions in place. 


Aside from the newly achieved Green Key certification, the Sheraton Zürich is also certified by Minergie. Minergie is a Swiss construction standard and quality label for new and modernized buildings. By following the Minergie standards buildings provide more comfort, reduce energy costs and are more sustainable.

Restaurant Route 26

Prior to the opening of the hotel restaurant, the Kitchen Chef went on a journey through the 26 Swiss Cantons to find the best suppliers and products of Switzerland. Most of the products are locally produced and the restaurant takes time to check certificates of for example the fishing practices of the fish suppliers, to track the meat or visit the suppliers before a steak lands at the grill. To promote local products among the guests, a different Swiss canton was put in the spotlight every month in 2015. This month, the guests can go on a culinary journey to the canton Zug and try a typical local fish dish – of course prepared with fish from Lake Zug.

When ordering from suppliers, the hotel restaurant places high emphasis on how the food is delivered and use the good relations to the suppliers to request on how they package it. Separately packaged broccoli is just as a no-go for us as is Styrofoam.  To minimize CO2 emissions and costs the hotel restaurant limits the number of times they order from a supplier to about 1-2 times a week. This requires good calculation which is also reflected in the low amount of food waste the hotel has. In addition to carefully calculating and estimating the amount of food, certain dishes like scrambled eggs in the morning are prepared on demand at the live-cooking station.

The employees enjoy the opportunity to eat at the employee canteen – which is also integrated in the planning process as each day they use the same ingredients in the canteen and restaurant. 

Aloft Brussels Schuman rewards guests for making green choices

At Aloft Brussels Schuman, a 3-stars hotel, Green Key certified since 2011 and located near the EU institutions in Brussels, has a revolutionary programme that not only saves resources but also rewards guests for joining in minimizing the consumption.

For each night a guest declines housekeeping services, the ‘Make a Green Choice’ programme rewards the guest with a €5 voucher valid in the "Wxyz" Bar and "Re:fuel Grab & Go Restaurant" or with 250 Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints®. A guest may also decide to donate the value of the 250 SPG points to UNICEF, a long term partner of Starwood.

With over 30% of the guests using this Make a Green Choice program, energy consumption has reduced significantly. With the average consumption per stay estimated at 140 liters of water and 0.19 KWH of electricity, the impact on the yearly consumption figures is substantial.     

Green Key awarded Sheraton Tel Aviv in the forefront of water and energy savings

The Green Key awarded Sheraton Tel Aviv has been working in the last few years with the latest technologies available of environmental and sustainable development that are environment friendly and cost effective.

The Phoebus system is a groundbreaking technology company that combines new innovation of high-tech technology with old cooling technology. This technology is called Hydra Balance, and is a hybrid water system managed by smart cloud software.

The system is composed of Hydra Balance units, Hydra Monitoring & Control Module, and Hydra Monitoring & Control Cloud Software. The Hydra Balance unit is a designated water source heat pump, which pumps the thermal energy from the cold water A/C loop, and uses it to heat the water in a hot sanitary water loop. The Hydra Balance reduces energy costs not only by producing heat energy, but also by reducing the Air Conditioning electricity consumption. The system’s performance since the installation 15 months ago has shown a saving of 61% in energy and a reduction of 90% in diesel fuel consumption. 

Another example is the SmarTap mixing valve. SmarTap E-Valve technology (patented digital shower system) enables online controlling and monitoring of shower water and inline pressure, that can save water usageand energy, while maintaining a luxurious shower experience.

Last but not least is the water treatment plant, where the hotel is able to control and monitor everything that goes into the sewage system with the help of bacteria and a strainer the separates the substance that goes to the sewage. 

How to Reduce a Hotel's Energy Consumption

BookGreener connected, Green Key partner, is launching a series of free webinars on practical solutions to help make hotel operations more green. The next webinar focuses on energy consumption.

For a hotel, energy bills can quickly become a nightmare, but there are many things you can do. In average, energy saving programs can yield more than a 30% cut in your energy bill for the first year of efforts. To help you better understand what’s at stake and how to react efficiently, BookGreener has invited both an expert and a successful hotel manager.

The webinar includes expert's experience on energy and energy conservation measures, tips, best practices and hacks to reduce your energy bill and a real-life testimony of people who actually applied these tips in real life.

You are thus cordially invited to attend the next Webinar entitled: How to Reduce a Hotel's Energy Consumption.

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