A microfiber cleaning system - The future for a sustainable hotel housekeeping

The Artemis Palace Hotel in Rethymnon Crete, one of the first Green Key awarded hotels in Greece, applies a microfiber cleaning system to reduce the use of cleaning products. All national operators had the chance to see how the system works during the control visit they conducted at the national operators meeting 2014 and confirmed the results of the cleaning procedure.

One of the many environmental goals of Green Key is to lead hotel managers to a more environmentally friendly approach in terms of hotel housekeeping, which, in many cases, represents more than 40% of the total operating costs.

One of the proposed cleaning systems, applied in Theartemis Palace Hotel, Rethymnon Crete, is based on the use of microfiber cloths. In that case, the use of detergents is reduced to the absolute minimum and only used in places where disinfection is needed (e.g. toilet seats). All the other surfaces can be cleaned with using just water and a fiber cloth. More than 99% of surface pathogens, grease and dirt are captured in the fibers. The absorption capacity of the cloth is very high due to the fact that one fiber consists of 1056, really thin, microfibers.

Apart from the absorption and cleaning capacity, microfiber cloths lead to great water, detergent and time saving. Based on real data, collected from hotels that apply the system in Greece, the average water and detergent consumption is reduced 68% compared to classic cleaning systems, while the time needed is reduced more than 15%.

One of the “hidden” aspects of the use of this particular system is that there is no need of storing many different detergents. That actually means that the detergent-chemicals storage space is reduced to minimum, the dilutions are easy to be done and only for one detergent. The detergents are environmentally friendly and biodegradable and are not dangerous for human health.

HSPN is working really hard on promoting this technology to all awarded sites, because it is simply the application of the Green Key basic idea that saving is the environmentally way to act. HSPN keeps on trying to inform hotel managers about microfiber cleaning systems. After all, the key issue of the promotion of innovative and efficient technologies and products is education.


To see how Vikan Microfiber is used