10 years Green Key Belgium-Flanders celebrated with 115 awards

On 14 December 2015, 115 Flemish tourism businesses received the Green Key certification. An amazing result of 10 years of hard work done by Bond Beter Leefmilieu in cooperation with Tourism Flanders. The ceremony took place in the newly awarded Hostel H in Hasselt. 

Old and new

Five sites were awarded their 10th Green Key certificate and can be considered as true Green Key experts: Baalse Hei, provinciaal recreatiedomein Zilvermeer, De Lilse Bergen, De Spaanjerd and Herenlaak.

There were also 9 new sites to be awarded their first Green Key award which supports their promise to their guests to that by choosing their establishment, they are helping to make a difference on an environmental and sustainability level: Astoria Hotel Antwerpen, Leopold Hotel Antwerp, Sandton Pillows Brussels, NH Brugge, Ramada Oostende, Buro 53, Jeugdherberg Bed Muzet, Hostel H and Logies Villa Vindina.

Continuous work

Participating establishment don’t get awarded easily. Every year the laureates have to prove their environmental efforts and dedication to an independent jury with representatives from the government, environmental organisations and the tourism industry. The Green Key criteria cover a range of environmental (water, waste, energy, etc.) and educational areas (staff involvement, guest information).

Hostel H: ‘Sustainbility matches our vision perfectly’

The ceremony took place in the new city youth hostel Hostel H, a Green Key newbie.
‘As a trendy new hostel we try to be progressive on different levels. While building the hostel we asked the architect to take all possible environmental aspects into account.’  Marjolein Vogelaers, Manager Hostel H, explains.