Moroccan mountain eco-lodge installing a water purification system

The Eco-lodge “Atlas Kasbah”, having had the Green Key eco-label since 2008, has worked on the cleaning of its wastewater.

The Atlas Kasbah Eco-lodge, located in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, has installed a system for the cleaning of its wastewater. The pre-treatment of the greywater aims to eliminate airborne particles and optimize the quality of the discharge before cleaning. The cleaning system thereafter relies on gravity and a thin layer of compact clay are sealing the water flow.  In addition to conventional material, the hotel tests the use of a layer of natural sand containing titanium oxide and a layer of anthracite coal, thus constituting the originality of the process in this pilot project.

During the three years of its existence, the system has showed a satisfactory performance in terms of filtering and therefore water quality output. The physico-chemical tests indicate that the filtered water is suitable for water irrigation of trees.