Green Key Hotel in Lisbon commits to sustainability and solidarity

The newly awarded Green Key hotel NEYA Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon is proud to announce their commitment attached to their strap line “sustainability has another meaning".

NEYA Lisboa Hotel has just opened one year ago. When it was under construction they followed the GK criteria in order to comply with them since the very beginning. So being awarded the Green Key for their first edition in 2014, this hotel is proud to announce all their commitment attached to their strap line “sustainability has another meaning”.  The hotel has bikes for the guests and staff (including an area in the parking), it has a shopping policy using only national brands, such as for foods and coffee, but also on the furniture. It has solar panels for energy production.  

NEYA Lisboa Hotel contributes to the reduction of negative environmental impact by all practical and sustainable solutions in the daily operations, but also through collaboration/partnerships with organizations that share the same ideals. By collaborating with the 'Cubes of Sustainability', in partnership with the Floresta Unida Foundation, the NEYA Lisboa Hotel commits to preserve the environment and biodiversity. The project aims to the protection of forests by planting trees. Hotel guests can buy such a cube, which holds a tree seed inside, and for every cube that has been sold the Floresta Unida Foundation plants one tree. Through this voluntary awareness campaign, the hotel promotes environmental responsibility on everyone to reduce his environmental footprint.

But the hotel also engages in a social project. The hotel, which is located in front of a pediatric hospital, has two bedrooms available for families that lack the financial ability to follow their children at the hospital and live far from Lisbon.