Silken Berlaymont Hotel

The Silken Berlaymont Brussels – Education as the basis for succesful environmental management

The Silken Berlaymont Brussels, a 4-star Green Key awarded hotel located in the European Parliament neighbourhood, in the heart of Brussels. The core of their environmental approach is the good collaboration they maintain with staff and suppliers.

This approach is based on the participation of all the employees and on the education of the people in the near context. The focus is mainly on: energy, recycling, sustainable development, transport and green spaces, always keeping in mind that the quality and comfort should never be altered. An impressive list of the accomplishments shows the amazing work that has been done by this hotel. A great Green Key Ambassador!

All the hotels suppliers were contacted to find out how packaging waste could be avoided, reduced or perfected. Products and services are bought locally as much as possible in order to save fuel for transporting the goods.  All supplier were sensitized about the concept.

Without affecting the comfort of the customer, the efforts have enabled the hotel to save 25% CO² over the past year.

Most office materials such as pens, pencils, paper, etc… are made out of recycled materials. Most of the plastic one-way items have been removed and replaced by glass. A container to gather batteries and other electronic devices has been installed at the hotel.

Most regular light bulbs have been replaced by other using 80% less energy.

Last but not least, a lot of water saving procedures were installed. For example flow showerheads and filters in order to reduce the water consumption. This is not only saving water but also salt from the softener and gas as less water has to be heated. Very shortly after the installation, the difference was clear. To give you an idea, by the end of this year, the hotel save a total amount of water that equals to 55 .000.000 liters of water or … 4 Olympic swimming pools!