Toledo Amman Hotel

Toledo Amman Hotel, Jordan – Innovation by renovation

Toledo Amman Hotel is situated in the heart of Amman and has received the Green Key award in the beginning of 2015. In only a few months, this Green Key ‘newbie’ has done an incredible job to make their business a responsible one.

During the renovation of the hotel they implemented a series of innovative energy and water saving tools and techniques. A listing of their efforts shows how engaged this hotel is to be more sustainable.  

For better light reflection:

  • Change furnishings and drapes to lighter colors
  • Change wall colors to white

To reduce energy consumption:

  • Change room lights to LED
  • Install LED lights in the guest bathrooms
  • Install motion sensors for guest room hallways
  • Change all window panels for better thermal insulation and better climate control

To reduce water consumption:

  • Replace all bath tubs with shower stalls
  • Water saving toilets
  • Install double switch for toilets
  • Install shampoo/soap dispensers to reduce the use of disposable plastic toiletries
  • Installation of fresh air vents in guest room hallways

Green Key is excited to see how this hotel, fairly new to the Green Key certification scheme, uses these innovative techniques to reduce the impact of their business on the environment. Next to the Green Key award, Toledo Amman Hotel will also be rewarded with a lower energy bill thanks to their investments.