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Green Key seminar in Latvia

Green Key has National Operators in more than 40 countries and many of them organise national seminars, with the aim to raise awareness on Green Key and help current and upcoming establishments with the implementation.

Green Key seminar in Latvia

On 22 November 2017, Green Key Latvia organised its annual Green Key seminar for current and upcoming establishments. In the seminar, the Latvian National Operator Janis Ulme focused in detail on how to ensure the implementation of the new Green Key criteria that took effect last year.

Green Key's International Director, Finn Bolding Thomsen, attended the seminar and presented the international dimension of the programme and tools, promotion and support for the awarded establishments done by Green Key International. He encouraged the participants to use Green Key as one of the ways to promote Latvia as a green destination, not least during 2018 where Latvia celebrates 100 years as a country.

In addition, the seminar had informative presentations about labels and schemes for cleaning products, furniture, food and beverage, energy and other topics. 

The seminar was held in Green Key awarded Hotel Avalon in central Riga. The environmental manager of the hotel informed the attendees about the environmental work at the hotel, and a  guided tour in the establishment was offered to the participants at the seminar.