Green Key Manager Survey 2015

In 2015 Green Key conducted a survey amongst Green Key site managers to learn more about why they choose the Green Key label and their view on the programme. With a response rate of over 30% of all the Green Key sites, the results give a representative understanding of why site managers choose the Green Key label, the impact it has on their business and also entails a small evaluation of the programme.

Some interesting findings of the survey:

•          The main reasons for joining Green Key was to get support to comply with national legislation, increase sales and increase customer binding.

•          The main outcome of joining Green Key was the improvement of environmental performance followed by the improvement of the image of the establishment and increased employee engagement.

•          Around 92% of all managers indicate that Green Key has helped increase the sustainability at the establishment.

•          The strengths of the Green Key programme are the criteria, the onsite audits and the focus on environmental education.

•          Around 35% of the respondents answered the question on what is missing in the programme, and with especially visibility/marketing as the main working point. Something Green Key will invest time and money in during the next years.

•          The managers find it manageable to comply with the criteria. The most challenging criteria section is “food & beverage” (17% finding it hard to comply).

The full report can be read here