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Green Key family keeps going on in Serbia

The Hotel Zlatibor Mona, Serbia, is now part of the Green Key awarded establishments. It is the only one which received our certificate outside of the Serbian capital city, Belgrade.


As the first Serbian hotel brand, the Hotel Zlatibor Mona is a sustainable business which has succeeded in the implementation of sustainable practices that suit into Green Key criteria. This establishment focuses on social responsibility and awareness while developing eco-conscious practices to contribute to environmental protection. Since the renovation of the hotel in 2007, they never stopped acting to create an environmentally-friendly business.

“It is with great pleasure that I can say we received the “Green Key” certificate thanks to the dedication of our entire team and that all our employees have recognized the importance of the initiative and came on board of this global environmental movement.” - Ivan Vitorović, Chief Executive Officer of Mona Hotel Management

From the slow food concept of its restaurant to the use of environmentally friendly practices regarding water and energy, the Hotel Zlatibor Mona knows how to care of its guests while preserving the environment. Indeed, it contributes to the local communities’ development by the employment of locals and the offering of scholarship programs for students, providing the latter with a job after graduation.


Our national operator in Serbia highlighted the staff involved in informing the guests about the hotel´s sustainable methods. Everybody pays attention to the good understanding of the hotel´s way of thinking and course of conduct and never hesitate to explain them to the guests.

“We are very proud to be part of this positive initiative and we support this establishment in their way to become responsible to the environment and nature!” – Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development Beograd / Belgrade

 What a great example of Green Key´s aims! Creating changes in the hospitality and tourism industry requires such behaviors mobilising staffs and guests at the same time.

Miskin Manor – a historical hotel with a green twist

Miskin Manor Country Hotel in Wales has been awarded with the Green Key for its work on introducing high sustainability standards in a historical manor without compromising the exclusive feeling of the establishment.


Miskin Manor Country Hotel has a rich history stretching back to the 10th century. Since 1996, the place has been a carefully restored family-run hotel with attention to details in respect of the heritage of the building, surrounding garden and landscape. Today, Miskin Manor Country Hotel is a four-star hotel with 42 unique bedrooms, an award winning restaurant and 25 acres of beautiful garden surrounding the establishment.

Miskin Manor Country Hotel has recently been awarded with the Green Key as the first hotel in South East Wales due to its work with its sustainability performance. The light bulbs have been changed to LED light, the water flow in taps and showers are reduced, the restaurant has a focus on products that are locally produced and the environmental work is communicated to guests in an environmental corner by the lobby.

As a family we have always worked towards helping our environment for now and the future. It is wonderful that we now have recognition for the effort we are making and we will strive to maintain and improve.  Amongst many things we grow some of our own produce on site, produce water from our own borehole, keep bees and produce honey on site, installed energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel and recycle our waste. It is hoped that other business owners will join us in achieving Green Key throughout Wales.” - Amanda Rosenberg, Managing Director at Miskin Manor.


Nick Ashby, Welsh Green Key coordinator says: “We are proud to have Miskin Manor Country Hotel awarded with Green Key for its balance between history, luxury and sustainability”.

For more information about Miskin Manor Country Hotel, please visit their website.