FEE Flickr – Sharing our achievements

Beginning 2015 FEE started up a new photo database on the photo sharing app Flickr. After a comprehensive copyright process, all photos are now available to the public to download.

If you are looking for some nice pictures to showcase the wonderful work that has been done by FEE and its members, the FEE Flickr site is the place to be. The site consists of different albums representing the different FEE programmes. The Green Key album features a range of good practices and advertising pictures of Green Key sites from all over the world.

Up to now visitors to the site were unable to download the images. From today, we have set a new Creative Commons on all the images: with this license we allow others to share and adapt the pictures freely for non-commercial purposes, with the duty of giving appropriate credit for the materials used.

This amazing collection would not have been possible without our FEE members sharing their good news stories and images and giving the permission to the whole FEE network to share these pictures on our social media. A big thanks to everyone!

If you have any pictures that could fit the Green Key album, please contact liesbeth@fee.global