Freys Hotel in Stockholm welcomed homeless people during Christmas!

Clean clothes, a warm and comfortable bed, Christmas gifts and food are not something that all people will experience during Christmas. Freys Hotel wanted to help people in vulnerable situations and welcomed homeless through Ersta diakoni at Christmas Eve. Freys gave them a chance to celebrate a warm and loving Holiday.


Freys Hotel has supported Ersta Diakoni for over six years. They offer hotel rooms to homeless and they contribute with money to various activities. This year Freys chose to give a donation to a special dental clinic which helps homeless with free dental care. The teeth are just a small part of your body, but so important to how we are perceived as humans. Hopefully fine new teeth will help them to get a job and get back into society. 

 ‘It warms your heart when we once again have had the opportunity to welcome homeless on Christmas Eve says Annika Tell’, General Manager at Freys Hotels. We also gave them clothes and gifts so that everyone would feel extra welcome. It´s amazing to see the joy in their eyes when they arrive at the hotel!

‘This year we had the opportunity to welcome Pia-Karin, one of Stockholm's many homeless, who had received through Freys and Pelarbacken completely new teeth just in time for Christmas. She was so happy and grateful’, concludes Annika.