Radisson Blu Riga makes honey beer from its very own beehives

Green Key awarded Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel in Riga (Latvia) not only hosts beehives on its rooftop, but also brews its very own honey craft beer. 

Almost a year ago a down-to-earth Latvian country guy came into a typical corporate hotel, not expecting these guys to have a different outlook on life. Oh boy… was he wrong! When he approached the hotel staff about placing a couple of beehives on the hotel’s rooftop, it didn’t take much convincing. And why not? Bees as a species are under major threat – this year seven bee species were added to the endangered species list. Besides, Riga is known as an extremely green city due to all the parks, and Radisson Blu Elizabete is located in its very heart. So, Jānis Šnikvalds (The Bee Guy) and Gerhard Erasmus (The Hotel Guy) agreed to do give it a try last summer.

On 7 June 7, Jānis and his team placed 12 beehives on the hotel’s rooftop. They had the most amazing view from their homes – a green, peaceful park, filled with blooming linden trees, surrounded by bustling city life. The bees seemed to be 100% satisfied with the new environment, and, as of day one, were happily collecting the finest pollen from linden trees. After only six weeks Jānis reported that the hives were full, and the bees managed to collect no less than 30 liters of honey…per hive!

The honey is a perfect welcome gift for hotel guests. Besides, linden honey is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey, an excellent product that will keep you healthy during rainy autumn evenings and windy winter days.

But there was still honey left! What to do with it? After a meeting with the brewers from Madonas Craft Beer it was decided: Radisson Blu Elizabete would get its very own honey beer! After many months of work it’s finally there: BEEER. The name brings together Blu – the hotel, Bee – our busy little friends, and Beer – the drink.The logo, created by designer Jolanta Jonikāne, is the result of a social media contest.

So, stop by at Radisson Blu Elizabete for a drink and try the refreshing, homemade honey BEEER!

Source: Blog.radissonblu.com