Green Key launched in South Korea

Green Key’s presence globally is still increasing with Foundation for Environmental Education’s member organisation in South Korea (Lifesaving Society Korea) deciding to launch the implementation of the Green Key programme

JongRae Kim, Green Key national operator in South Korea, would like to encourage hotels and other tourism establishments in South Korea to contact Lifesaving Society Korea for more information about Green Key and the benefits of joining the programme. Lifesaving Society Korea presents Vision 2020 to promote and execute the renowned sustainable development programmes in South Korea, and Green Key is one of the core programmees. 

Finn Bolding Thomsen, International Director of the Green Key programme welcomes the new national management from South Korea that will support Green Key’s increasing presence in East Asia.


Contact details to Green Key South Korea:

Lifesaving Society Korea, 1505 Ho, 2Cha IS BizTower, 79-1, Yangpyeong-dong 4-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Zip code 150866, Seoul, South Korea