Electric cycling at ‘Domaine de Briange’

Green Key awarded Holiday Park and camping ‘Domaine de Briange’ in the Ardèche region in France has invested in electric bicycles for their employees. 

The staff came up with the idea as the propriety that they have to maintain is quite large. They often have to cross large distances to prepare the cabins for new guests. The establishment had already invested in a golf cart but they wanted to do more.

‘Besides the obvious environmental impact, the other main reason to choose electric bikes is the comfort of our guests. We like to limit the circulation of vehicles at the camping as much as possible. ‘

The staff prefers this new way of transportation above going on foot or normal bicycle as the grounds are quite hilly. The bikes are used to guide guests who are arriving, to prepare the facilities and even to do grocery shopping in the village.

Domaine de Briange has invested in 2 bicycles but will buy to more by the end of the year due to the big success.