Club Sun Heaven Turkey – Committed to the environment and their guests

As one of the newest Green Key awarded hotels in Turkey, Club Sun Heaven in Turkey is already implementing some very impressive innovating practices to reduce their carbon footprint. 

At the moment there are 72 Green Key awarded hotels in Turkey of which 16 new hotels applied Green Key this year. Among these new hotels Club Sun Heaven Hotel located in Antalya already is already a leader when it comes to water management. The hotel installed a comprehensive rain water system. Rain water coming from roof of the hotel is collected and stored in big tanks on the premises. There are 3 water storage tanks with a capacity of 5000 m3. The collected rain water is used for irrigation of the green areas of the establishment.  This prevents useful water to be lost in the sewage system and saves water for gardening which is crucial in a dry area.

 In addition to this good practice, the staff has planned out another action for the coming summer. In this season staff will sort disposable cups or bottles from the beach and will use them as pots to plant a flower. These will be offered to the guests when they check-out. A fun way of recycling that make the guests feel special.