Hilton Hotel Milan continues to impress with its environmental management and social engagement

Green Key awarded Hilton Hotel Milan is a four star hotel demonstrating a high commitment to sustainability work.

Hilton Hotel Milan in Italy has had the Green Key award since 2013, but the hotel does not rest on its success within the fields of environmental management and social responsibility.

On top of its current building management system with the daily control of the water, gas and energy consumption at the hotel, Hilton Hotel Milan is working on implementing the “Room Energy Management System”. As part of the new system, sensors will detect personal movement and thereby be able to even better adjust the use of light as well as the ventilation and air-condition system in the guest rooms.

In the hotel restaurant, the chef is preparing the dishes with more than 50% locally produced ingredients and thereby support a lowering of the environmental footprint through decreased transportation of products.

On the social responsibility side, the hotel has entered a collaboration with the non-profit organisation, Equoevento, on donating meals to persons in need. The hotel is donating more than 5000 meals annually and the cooperation at the same time means that the hotel can reduce its food waste significantly.