Landal Hochmontafon using toilet paper made of 100% recycled fibre

The Green Key awarded holiday park, Landal Hochmontafon in Austria has started to use a very environmentally friendly toilet paper product made from tetra packs. 

Landal Hochmontafon is in 2017 testing a new toilet paper product produced by Green Key’s corporate partner, Lucart Group. The toilet paper is called “EcoNatural” and is made by Fiberpack®, the raw material developed in a collaboration between Lucart Group and Tetrapak. The toilet paper is made out of used beverage cartons, so it is produced using 100% recycled cellulose fibres. Beverage cartons furthermore contain polyethylene and aluminium that Lucart Group ensures are reused in other manufacturing activities.

The “EcoNatural” products supports a more sustainable future by giving life to materials which otherwise would be lost as waste, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere and it prevents the cutting of trees. Lucart Group’s EcoNatural products are certified with the FSC Recycled® label and the EU Ecolabel.

As the toilet paper from Lucart Group is produced in Northern Italy it is transported over a shorter distance to Landal Hochmontafon in Austria than the previously used toilet paper produced in the Netherlands.

Green Key’s corporate partner, Lucart Group manufacture a full range of tissue product in Fiberpack® toilet paper, handtowels, facial tissues, wiper rolls, napkins, medical sheets, handkerchiefs.